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Holy Hallmark! It’s Valentine’s day!

Get the chocolate, the candles, make some reservations for that fancy place, buy something risqué… Or don’t… because you’re single (insert sad violin music here).

Well, no matter what your relationship status is, we got you covered at Wings Etc., with a few ways we are going to help make your V-Day great!

We see you singles! And we got just what you need!

According to Eater, singles should be eating at Wings Etc. Just kidding, that isn’t what they said.

However, they did find that the most popular food ordered by singles on Valentine’s day is……. drumroll…… JUMBO WINGS! In case you didn’t know, that is what we are known for. On down the line, coming in 9th place was cheese fries (we got those too).

V-day cocktails. We are mostly known for our vast beer selection but, we also have a fully stocked bar with great bartenders who can whip just about anything up. To give you just a few ideas we have a couple of cocktails that might fit your fancy on the fourteenth.

If you wanna shoot it hard and fast right-off-the-bat, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Cherry Bomb. This red shot is cherry flavored vodka, Redbull and grenadine. Boy, does it pack a punch that will help keep you up all night. We know you’re not trying to sleep *wink, wink*. (Unless you don’t have a special someone… then you just might be going to bed early.)

If you need more of a sippin’ drink, try the Fancy Vampire. This red cocktail is served in a highball glass, is Chambord, Amaretto, Triple Sec, Grenadine and cranberry juice topped with a cherry.

We also have something chocolatey for you – No, it doesn’t come in a heart-shaped box. This guilty pleasure is called, Gettin’ Lucky (you like it already don’t-cha).It is Amaretto, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and cream with chocolate and honey drizzle served on ice.

You can always go for a classic like Sex on the Beach. For some of you, it might be the closest you get to the real thing.

If fancy cocktails don’t turn you on, go ahead and grab your favorite beer, especially if you’re in the Midwest. It turns out, on Valentine’s day people in the Midwest would rather drink beer than wine by 37 percent anyway. Forget being classy – pop that top!

We know you bought that cheesy Hallmark card… well, it’s pretty likely considering 190 million Valentine’s cards are sent each year in the United States. But, if you want to stand out to your Valentine, Galentine, Bromance or even yourself, skip the cliché card from the drugstore and get a Wings Etc. gift card. At least they won’t throw it away or shove it in the back of that one drawer that holds every card they have ever received in the past decade…

By now, you’ve either planned out your Valentine’s day festivities or you’re craving some jumbo wings, cold beer or fancy foo-foo drinks. Either way, we will see you soon! <3


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