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Presidents Day

Earlier this week, we celebrated Presidents Day. Since 1971, we have been using the third Monday of February to honor presidents throughout American history. Seems how we work in the restaurant business; it should be a surprise that we are always daydreaming about food.

So, we got thinkin’…what are some of our past presidents’ favorite dishes and would they have had some Wings Etc. while in the White House. While we don’t offer Jimmy Carter’s favorite baked grits with cheese or Grover Cleveland’s corned beef and cabbage, some of our presidents might have liked a big ol’ basket of Wings Etc.

We are pretty positive that Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman would have enjoyed a dinner on us. Both of these president’s reportedly loved fried chicken. Now, wings didn’t become a staple of American cuisine until 1964 however, we like to think that Presidents Roosevelt and Truman would have loved some of our delicious, fried chicken… in the form of our famous jumbo wings.

So, FDR was apparently a big lover of hot dogs. In fact, he loved them so much, he served the American delicacy to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their visit from across the pond. Many might find it to be a bit tacky, we find it Fantastic! We also think it is safe to assume that FDR would have loved a big ol’ Homewrecker (that’s a dog fit for royalty).

There might not be a specific food on our menu that was their favorite, presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and George H. W. Bush would have enjoyed a few of our sauces. LBJ was the lover of all things BBQ while H.W. was known to put hot sauce on nearly everything. Can you imagine H.W. on our Wall of Flame?! Between our 22 sauces featuring plenty of hot and BBQ options like our Tweener and Jerkin’ Barbie; we are pretty positive they would have found one to fall in love with.

We haven’t hosted dinner for a president… yet… but, we do provide “Good Food, Great Times” for plenty of wonderful Americans every day and that is what we care about most.

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